Prof. Andrea Friedhofen

Prof. Andrea Friedhofen | Improvisation


Andrea Friedhofen is a elementary music pedagogics professor at the Leopold-Mozart-Centre of the University of Augsburg. She is also gives lectures at University for the music therapy master’s degree.

She not only has a degree in music pedagogics from the University of Würzburg with a minor in classical Guitar, but also is a musician, conductor of a choir, and teaches at various music schools. Andrea has taught at professional school for child care and social education.

Furthermore, Andrea has coached several music projects with young children, teenagers, adults, and people with mental disabilities.

Andrea also has given numerous continuing education courses for educators like preschool, kindergarden teachers and schoolteachers.

Finally, she is the leader of drumming circles, vocal ensembles, and loves to express herself artistically through her participation in different music groups and ensembles.