Raphael Gärtig



Raphael Gärtig, born 1978 in Görlitz (Saxony), attended the Spezialschule für Musik “Carl Maria von Weber” in Dresden and studied at the Dresden University of Music “Carl Maria von Weber” orchestral music and music education with KV Prof. Johannes Walter. Later, this was followed by private studies with KV Prof. Eckart Haupt.

He attended master classes among others with Robert Aitken and Kate Clark.
Following his studies, he intensely started to apply himself to the performance practice of Early Music, as well as the music of Renaissance and Baroque flute.

He was a member of the composition class Halle-Dresden and took lessons with composers such as Hans Jürgen Wenzel and Karsten Gundermann.

Since 2004 he works as a freelance flutist in Dresden.
He is a much sought-after chamber music player working with many different ensembles.
He has successfully co-operated with the film-music composer and bassoonist George Dreyfus (Melbourne/Australia).
In a Duo with renaissanceflute and lute he dedicates himself to the music of the 16th century.